"Education is the joint responsibility of school, home and the child."
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Len Cooper Len Cooper
Len is the director and was responsible for setting up Family Maths in 1987. Read more . . .

"This Family Maths course has been a great learning experience for me. I can't wait to play these activities with children & friends."
Family Maths Courses

Teachers & Parents of Children Years 1-10
This book undoubtedly represents one of the greatest strides taken to involve parents in the mathematics education of their children.
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Help Your Child with Maths through:
participating in after-school parent/child programs such as Family Maths, Family Science;
engaging with your children appropriate family games, puzzles, experiments, designing and model building activities that use a variety of mathematics, science and technology skills;
discussing regularly with your children their classroom activities, and listening carefully to their explanations of what has been learned;
providing time, a place and encouragement for doing homework assignments;
encouraging your children to persist when the work becomes difficult; not to expect parents or tutors to do the work for them;
participating in parent-teacher conferences;
taking advantage of opportunities to visit classes;
celebrating with your children the many small successes in their learning;
encouraging and expecting them to be able to do/solve the problems/activities.
Parents, schools and the community need to do all they can to ensure that our children are leaving school with a positive attitude to mathematics.
We do not accept that it is socially acceptable to say ‘l am no good at maths’.

Family Maths
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