"Education is the joint responsibility of school, home and the child."
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Family Maths courses introduce parents and teachers to enjoyable, practical maths activities that enhance and maintain mathematical skills learnt in the classroom. Time is also spent explaining how Family Maths Courses for families can be run in the local community.

All activities have a problem solving element and participants are encouraged to use simple, cheap equipment to help complete the activity. The course is non-threatening, enjoyable and all participants, either parent or teacher learn activities for improving the mathematical achievement of children.

All participants find that maths does not have to be the 'disliked' subject as it was at school. Participants often work in pairs or small groups to undertake the activities so are not threatened regardless of their own attitude or ability in mathematics.

Leadership Courses
These courses help interested teachers/parents to understand the philosophy and approach of Family Maths Courses in their own community so that they can take the leadership for running courses for their community.

These courses introduce the participants to a number of the Family Maths repeatable activities and also discuss how to plan, finance and run the courses for their community.

Ideally these leadership courses will be held in an area community, of schools, church or social/ethnic groups who wish to help improve attitude and achievement in mathematics.

A leadership course is approximately 5 hours in total and could be a whole day, 2 part days or 3-4 sessions a week apart.

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Family Maths Courses
Ideally these are held in the local community whether it be a school, church, marae (or other). We assist through advice and activities and on occasions facilitation of these courses.

Each course is usually 4 to 6 periods of approximately 1 to 1.5 hours at a time that best suits the community. Some schools run Family Maths Courses as part of the school programme (e.g. 2.00 to 3.00 one day a week)

Families are invited to attend all the sessions where they are introduced to various activities covering all aspects of the school maths curriculum(Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability). Families are encourage to learn together cooperatively and then take the activities home to do again for 5 - 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.

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